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BPI Community Talks

Learning Session | Date: April 06, 2020

BPI Senior Executive Board Group has been meeting to consider what we can do personally and professionally together.

Together, we will create and discuss the next and best practices together.

Copy and paste the URL on Monday at 12:00 pm EDT to join our Zoom Meeting:

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We will discuss and share the best philosophy, process, resources, best in class coaches, and other Best and Next Practices in Executive Coaching
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In this session, Amy Clark, Head of Talent Management at Sallie Mae will lead a discussion with the Board on how to create a culture of lifelong learners. Specifically, we'll discuss and share solutions on:
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In this session, Kathleen Gioffre, Head of Talent Management Strategy at CVS Health will share lessons learned from CVS' "Let's Connect".

We will then discuss other approaches and successes within all of our organizations leading to the best and next practices in creating a culture of collaborat...
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MFS has undertaken an approach to transform the mindset and philosphy throughout the organization. At this session, Michael Bragg will lead a discussion about the findings, successes, learning points, and next steps as they continue with this journey through the rest of the year.
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