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Join a Community of Accountability

More than ever before in our lifetime, accountability is vital to success. In the post-COVID economy, success is reliant on holding yourself, and your stakeholders accountable for achieving success. 

That is why BPI, led by Founder and CEO and world-renowned...
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MFS has undertaken an approach to transform the mindset and philosphy throughout the organization. At this session, Michael Bragg will lead a discussion about the findings, successes, learning points, and next steps as they continue with this journey through the rest of the year.
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In this Next Practice Creation session, we will look at how CVS Health and others have evolved their collaboration and team connection to achieve shared results, as they saw with the pre-pandemic program at CVS titled, "Let's Connect".

We will look at other approaches and successes, as well as ...
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We have reached a new frontier in talent management, one where no playbook exists and there are no proven “best practices”, only NEXT PRACTICES.

We are also entering a new year, with new opportunities for co-creation and creating the next and best practices that will drive the new generation ...
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