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Developing Talent at Every Level: Learning Experiences Across Disciplines (LEAD)

Presenter: James E. Lantzy, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Virginia


The Learning Experiences Across Disciplines (LEAD) program was designed to help leaders provide continuous learning opportunities and develop leaders at all levels within one of the world's largest civilian intelligence agencies. You will learn the details of the LEAD program - and specifically how it was designed and implemented within the US Government.

The LEAD program allows for organizations to grow their employee's corporate knowledge, broaden their perspectives and enhance their learning opportunities by embracing "uncomfortable" experiential learning. The program has proven organizational gains in the areas of motivation, commitment, perspective, and leadership development.

Who Will Participate

Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Coaches, TM officers


James E. Lantzy

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Virginia

Access Resource

60 Minutes